Adam had several restorations breaking down throughout his mouth.  Adam’s goal was to fix all of his teeth, and come to a future hygiene appointment and leave with no new treatment needs.  For Adam, we removed the breaking down restorations and placed new bonded cores, then restored all teeth with porcelain crowns.  Adam has a bridge on the upper right replacing a missing tooth.  Adam’s been back for many cleanings without any new treatment needs, and his smile looks great!


Brittney had an accident when she was younger that resulted in fracturing off half of one front tooth.  It was previously restored with composite bonding/filling material.  She was always unhappy with the yellowed look of the tooth, but didn’t know what other options she had.  Brittney’s goal was to have the tooth restored to match her natural teeth as closely as possible.  We restored Brittney’s front tooth with a single veneer.  In two appointments we were able to give her a beautiful, natural result.


Jason fractured his teeth when we was very young in an ice skating accident.  At the time of the accident, the front two teeth were root canal treated and porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns were placed.  The side two teeth had composite bonding placed.  Jason had always wanted a brighter, more natural-looking smile, and his wedding was the motivation to move forward with treatment.  The two central teeth are crowns with zirconia cores and layered porcelain, and the two side teeth are porcelain veneers.  



Jessica had always wanted to improve her smile, and her wedding was the motivation to do it!  Jessica had small-shaped lateral teeth and heavy spacing between the front six.  The first step involved short-term orthodontics to move the teeth into position to be restored.  We then placed six porcelain veneers to close the remaining gaps and re-shape the teeth.